The ferry from the Faroe Islands dropped me off in Hirtshals, Denmark two days later where I caught the train to Copenhagen. I spent the last days of my one month trip exploring the fantastic streets of Copenhagen before I left on my 13 hour flight back to the States.

If you have the time I would also suggest taking the free three hour walking tour of the city with Sandemans which makes it super easy to meet travelers, like yourself, while showing you all the hot spots of the city.

I spent most of my time in Copenhagen on Nyhavn, the popular 17th century waterfront, where you are more than welcome to bring your own bottle of wine, people watch, and sketch till the sun goes down. 

On my ferry ride back from the Faroes, I ran into Trondur Patturson, the very man I was reading about in The Brendan Voyage! With glass-like seas and the sun shining we shared stories on the top deck of the voyages he’s accompanied Tim Sevrin on including The China Expedition, where they sailed a bamboo raft across the Pacific Ocean to test the theory of the Asian mariners reaching America some 2,000 years ago.

Along with the stories Trondur also gave me a book of his world-famous art work, an open door for visiting in the Faroes and told me of a place in Copenhagen he built(shown above). You can see what this structure looks like from the outside here, but as you can see, the inside is quite beautiful with its stain glass windows and mirror floors creates some abyss of blue. If you ever happen to be in Copenhagen I highly suggest visiting the museum of the North which includes all things Greenland, Iceland, Denmark and the Faroe Islands. If you ask the front for the key they will allow you to see Trondur’s structure(above) out back of the museum as well.

The pictures below are of the amazing Generator Hostel that I stayed in for a whopping $14/night. This place has a number of hang out rooms, library, breakfast, bar, a huge terrace and is one block away from the most popular street in Copenhagen… not to mention the price eh?

The travels have been fantastic, but now as my pockets are empty this will probably be the last blog until they are filled. Thanks for all of you who followed along as I hope you found one thing worth your time on my blog! Until next time…