Gásadalur or Goose Valley is thought to be named after the wild geese, which from ancient times have travelled to the valley. The legend however is that the village was named after Gæsa from Kirkjubøur who, from eating meat during Lent, lost everything and fled to the valley on Vágar.

Tindhólmur is an uninhabited islet on the southside of Sørvágsfjørður, west of Vágar. It has its name from the five peaks, which are called Ytsti(Farthest), Arni(Eagle), Lítli(Small), Breiði(Broad), and Bogdi(Bent).

Legend has it that a family once lived on Tindhólmur. One day when the father was out to sea fishing and eagle came in, snatched the child and carried it to its nest.

The mother went to rescue its child from the high nest, but was too late for the eagle had plucked one of it’s eyes out and later died from injuries. The family then moved off the island.

The story may just be a myth, but there have been facts in the past regarding the story while one of the tallest of the peaks remains named Arni… or Eagle.