It’s been exactly one week since I’ve been in the Faroe Islands. The majority of my time  has been spent in the bustling capital,  Tórshavn. The proper city has 13,000 people which is by far the biggest community in all of the Faroe Islands.

Outside of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, you’ll find there’s quite a bit to see in Tórshavn. The first I would recommend it the old parliament buildings. Vikings were the first to establish the parliament in 850 CE. With their matching bright red color and grass roofs this is something you won’t see anywhere else.

Just a small walk around the corner from these houses is my favorite outlook onto the island of Nólsoy. Sanna Nolsøe, my new Faroese friend and personal tour guide, holds the name Nolsøe which is actually the Danish name for Nólsoy. With that, she tells the story of Páll Nolsøe below:

“One of the most famous people from Nólsoy is Páll Nolsøe or Nólsoyar Páll, who was the first to build a schooner on the Faroe Islands. Before him the schooners were bought used from abroad. The schooner was built in Suðuroy(the southernmost island) on a place called Fløtan Fríða(The Beautiful Meadow). The schooner was called Royndin Fríða which means the Beautiful Experiment/Achievement. Since the Faroe Islands don’t have wood here, Nolsøe bought the wood from another ship that had collided close to the islands. He was a pioneer in sailing, was the first to perform vaccines in the Faroe Islands(against the pox), and one of the first to begin free trading between the islands and Denmark .”

Tórshavn has the uniqueness unlike any other place I’ve seen before. When you walk these streets it’s as if you’re in Peter Pan and if you walk five minutes outside of town you find yourself in J.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit.

One of my favorite places in all of  Tórshavn is the Tórshavn Cathedral. It’s the second oldest of the churches here in the Faroes. Established in 1788 it’s painted white, gold and has a slate roof.

And last but not least, the beer. The Faroe Islands has two breweries, Føroya Bjór & Okkara. Tórshavn actually has a large number of amazing bars and pubs. My favorite however is the Irish Pub(shown below). With cluttered windows of old antiques, friendly bar tenders and a pretty sweet menu this place has all the right makings for a pub. I almost forgot to mention that they have karaoke on the weekends… an absolute must do in the Faroe Islands!

Here’s a quick video of all the different colored houses here in Tórshavn: